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As Elevator Parts Reach OBSOLESCENCE

By: D&D Elevator

What You Need To Know…

Time flies and a significant percentage of elevators in the field today are aging to the point of obsolescence, with many systems and components in need of upgrade. While property managers and building owners may recognize the need to rethink their elevator equipment, budget and timing may be factors for some in implementing a full modernization all at once. At the least, consideration should be given to certain components of the elevator system, installed 20 to 30 years ago, which have outlived their useful life, or which have been rendered obsolete by technology advancements and updated code requirements.

For example, as was covered in a previous blog in this space, if a building today is operating hydraulic elevators with Single-Bottom-Cylinders installed prior to 1972, this stands in violation of various state and city codes, as well as the requirements of ASME A 17.1-2000. For several years now, code requirements have called for the use of Double Bottom Cylinders and the replacement of older single bottom installations, which should be upgraded as soon as possible. As also previously covered here, old controller systems – including ones made by major manufacturers such as Staley, AB SEE, Otis, Westinghouse, Dover, Armor and others – may require updating. Aside from conforming to code requirements, updating controllers can provide many other benefits, including faster response time, increased ride comfort and enhanced energy efficiency.

Old mechanical starters, making for bumpy rides, can now be replaced by newer “soft starters.” Upgrading door equipment, by eliminating the older/mechanical bumper edges – and replacing them with the current infrared safety edges or the new “light curtains” – improves passenger safety and reduces operating noise. Replacing old fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures with modern LED lighting helps save energy and enables stylish, contemporary looks for cab interiors. And upgrades to machines, governors, power units and traction equipment can all help vastly improve elevator operating efficiencies, ride quality, and avoid costly downtime.

All this can be very confusing. But, what is certain, because of the ravages of age and protracted operation, and the obsolescence of a growing number of parts, elevators and their performance do suffer from deterioration. As tenants in residential environments are trending older – and occupants of commercial properties have high expectations in an environment extremely competitive for tenants – keeping one’s elevators “up to snuff” is becoming increasingly essential.

The experts at D&D Elevator stand ready to help you evaluate your particular needs and smoothly sort out the confusion – to cost-efficiently achieve code-compliance and safety – and boost your peace-of-mind!

 upgrade obsolete elevator parts

Many elevator components currently in service are now obsolete, for a number of possible reasons: they are no longer being manufactured, the manufacturer is out of business, and/or they no longer comply with current code. In all cases best practice is to upgrade such components, with some examples shown here, including out of date controllers, a rear brake and motor.


The 2017 Year End Gives D & D Additional Modernization & New Construction Jobs

By: Judy Uliano

The 2017 Year End Gives D & D Additional Modernization and New Construction Jobs


A magnificent art deco, early 20th century residential building has awarded D & D the modernization of their elevator.  The building, located in the Bronx area,  the elevator had been modernized approximately 30+ years ago but, was in need of upgrading and bringing it up to the ADA standards of today.  Not only will there be a new controller, machine and door operator; there will also be a new car interior and flooring to make the package aesthetically pleasing.  The overhead traction elevator will be 1500 pound, 100 FPM with 7 stops & 7 openings.


A luxury apartment complex with breathtaking views and extended amenities, located in the Westchester area, has given D & D the job of modernizing the four elevators that are on their property.  In order to continue to attract the upscale clientele they now have, the building which was built in 1965, needed to update the elevator units. To make the elevators run in a more efficient and smooth manner, they required new controllers, machines, governors, door operators, etc. Along with the mechanical aspect of the job they will be receiving new cab interiors for each of the units.  Two of the overhead geared traction units are 2000 pounds, 100 FPM with 7 stops and 7 openings and the two remaining units are also 2000 pounds, 100 FPM but with 9 stops with 9 openings.


This Co-op, located new parks, colleges and transportation, chose D & D Elevator to modernize their elevator that had all the original equipment from the installation in 1966.  This elevator will now have a new controller, fixtures, car operating panel, etc. but it will become ADA compliant, which will give the tenants peace of mind.  The overhead traction unit will have 8 stops, 8 openings, 2000 pounds at 150 FPM.


This residential doorman building, located in the Kingsbridge area of the Bronx, chose D & D Elevator to modernize the unit in their building.  The structure was built in 1974 and the 43-year-old equipment needed to be upgraded to today’s codes and standards.  Along with this the tenants in the building will receive an elevator that runs smoother, smarter and with the cab interior will give it a more stylish look.  The overhead traction unit is 2000 pounds, 125 FPM with 7 stops and 7 openings.


An early 20th century residential/commercial structure, located in the trendy section of SOHO needed their elevators upgraded to reflect the status of the area that they are in and gave D & D Elevator the task.  The passenger elevator had been partially modernized in the mid 1980’s but,  in order to reflect the location that they are in, the unit now needed to be totally modernized with a new controller, machine, governor, fixtures and cab interior.  This overhead geared traction elevator is 2000 pounds, 200 FPM, 7 stops, &  8 openings The “manual” service elevator had never been modernized and maintained the original equipment.  We will be bringing the elevator into the 21st century by adding a new machine, controller, governor, fixtures and cab interior. This is also an overhead traction that is 3000 pounds, 150 FPM, 7 stops and 8 openings (6 rear openings).


A pre-war commercial/residential building, located in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn needed to completely modernize their elevator and they chose D &  D Elevator for assistance.  In the mid-eighties, the controller had been upgraded but nothing else.  D & D will be doing a complete modernization by installing all the equipment that meets today’s codes,  this includes but is not limited to a new controller, new machine, new governor, new fixtures and cab interior.  The overhead traction elevator had 7 stops and 7 openings, 2000 pounds and 100 FPM.





Upcoming Fall 2017 Jobs at D & D Elevator Maintenance

By: Judy Uliano

When the 2017 Fall leaves appear D & D is booked with new construction and modernization jobs


A residential complex, built in 1969 with duplex elevators, was ready for an update and they chose D & D for the project.  The controller had been updated in the mid-eighties but the modernization of the machine (an old obsolete Armor unit), fixtures and then bringing the elevators up too today’s safety standards was a priority on the owners list.  These are geared 2000 pounds, 100 FPM, 7 stop units.


This new structure will replace three existing buildings that have degraded significantly over time and the new owners decided that D & D was the best elevator company for the installation of the 2 new elevators.  The new location is located between Lexington and 3rd Avenue and the new units will gently reflect the spirit of the old building with cladding on the lower levels and the roof will be glass.  The 2 passenger elevators will be gearless units, 2500 pounds, 500 FPM with 21 stops.


An elegant boutique/residential building located near the Beacon Theater, loaded with prewar character needed an update to their existing elevator to bring it up to today’s code and awarded D & D Elevator the job.  The last update was in conducted in 1977 and with the new upgrade the elevator will be equipped with a new controller, machine, governor and fixtures.  The passenger elevator is a geared traction unit, 1800 pounds, 200 FPM and 11 stops.


A building in the Norwood section of the Bronx was looking to upgrade their single unit elevator and picked D & D Elevator to work with.  The building, which was built in the late 50’s and still maintains a Fifth Avenue Lobby Grand Entrance but, the elevator was in need of being fully modernized with all the safety measures and equipment of 2017.  This passenger elevator is a geared, overhead traction unit,  2000 pounds, 100 FPM with 8 stops.


This newly built structure specifying two elevators asked D & D Elevator to conduct the installations located in Upper Manhattan.  For their tenants, the new building will have a ground floor community center, a large storage area, a laundry and a rooftop terrace.  One elevator will be overhead traction unit, 3500 pounds, 200 FPM with 8 stops and the other with be a twin holeless hydro unit with two stops, 2500 pounds and 100 FPM.


This Hamilton Heights 1920’s building, that is within walking distance to parks, subways and restaurants had a modernization done during the 1950’s but it needed to be brought up to the 2017 codes.  By selecting D & D Elevator, we can make the changes that are desperately needed.  Not only will the unit meet all the code issues but, we will be installing a new machine, controller, new fixtures that meet the ADA requirements.  The elevator is a geared traction unit that is 2000 pounds, 100 FPM with 7 stops.


The owners of a quaint residential building in the Washington Heights area of New York wanted to not only upgrade their building but, their elevator also and in doing so chose D & D Elevator to conduct the upgrading of the unit.  We will be installing a new geared machine, controller, door operator and ADA fixtures which is 1200 pounds, 100 FPM with 7 stops.


This bright, open loft residential/commercial building located near Spring and Crosby Streets in SOHO has only one passenger elevator, which is vital to the businesses and residents.  The owners  wanted to conduct a modernization on the unit and asked D & D to take on the job.  By doing this, we will be installing a new controller, machine, door operator, ADA fixtures along with an updated cab interior.  The Overhead traction elevator is 3000 pounds, 150 FPM with 7 stops.


A commercial and residential building, located in the upcoming area of Brooklyn, wanted to continue to attract upscale stores and tenants and in order to do this they are conducting and up-grade of their building.  This reconditioning included the modernization of the passenger elevator, which had all original equipment and awarded the job to D & D Elevator.  We will not only add a new controller, governor, machine but new fixtures and a cab interior upgrade.  All of these upgrades will not only be astatically pleasing but, ADA compliant.   Geared overhead traction with 7 stops, 100 FPM.