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Escalator Safety Tips & Rules

D&D Elevator on Friday, November 15, 2013 at 12:00:00 am 

Here are some tips and “rules” to keep in mind when using escalators. Most are elementary common sense, to be sure, but sometimes we forget…

Escalator and Moving Walk Safety Tips

  • When entering escalators and moving walks:
  • Watch the direction of the moving steps and enter only when steps are going in the proper direction
  • Step on and off with caution.  Take extra care if you are wearing bifocals
  • Hold children or small packages firmly in one hand
  • Grasp the handrail as you step promptly onto the moving step or walkway
  • Keep loose clothing clear of steps and sides
  • Don’t use an inoperative escalator as a stairway
  • Don’t use an escalator to transport freight
  • If you are uncomfortable boarding or riding an escalator, use the elevator instead

When riding escalators and moving walks:

  • On escalators, stand in center of step and face forward
  • On moving walks, stationary passengers should stay to the right and let those walking pass on the left
  • Keep feet away from sides
  • Keep a steady grip on the handrail.
  • Don’t rest your handbag or parcels on the handrail
  • Don’t window-shop while riding
  • Don’t lean against or over the sides
  • Never ride barefoot
  • Don’t run
  • Never sit on the escalator step or moving walk
  • Parents should make sure children ride in a proper manner

When exiting escalators and moving walks:

  • Set off promptly
  • Don’t hesitate.  Immediately move clear of the exit area – don’t stop to talk or look around.  Other passengers may be behind you
  • Escalator and Moving Walk Rules
  • Step on and off carefully
  • People only-no strollers or carts on escalators
  • Hold the handrail
  • Take care of younger children
  • Don’t touch the sides below the handrails
  • Stand facing forward
  • No loose clothing