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IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Significant Code Changes that will SOON Affect Your Elevators

D&D Elevator on Friday, June 7, 2019 at 12:00:00 am 

Elevator Door Lock Monitoring Deadline Rapidly Approaching!

Example of Door Lock MonitorThe New York City Department of Buildings has mandated that – by January 1, 2020 – all "automatic passenger and freight elevators must provide a system to monitor and prevent automatic operation with faulty door contact circuits.”

For reasons of safety and code compliance – and to avoid potentially costly liability for injuries resulting from failure to comply – it is imperative for this deadline be met, for the system to be installed, tested and inspected.

Waiting until the last minute should be avoided, especially since the “last minute” is just about here. Due to the increasing demand, manufacturers are quoting longer and longer lead times for supplying the equipment, and the New York City Department of Buildings is becoming increasingly backed up on the issuance of permits.

The code is a requirement of Appendix K3, Rule 3.10.2, stating that the car doors must be monitored to prevent the following two issues:

  1. To prevent operation of the car if the car door is not closed, regardless of whether the car-door contact and interlock contact circuits are open or closed (excluding the access switch operation and inspection operation)

  2. To prevent power closing of the doors if the door is open and the car door contact circuit is closed or bypassed, or if the interlock circuit is closed (excluding during Firefighters' Service Phase II). Primarily, this determines if jumpers or other means of bypassing normal operation are being used Elevators installed or modernized prior to July 1, 2009 will require a software and possibly a hardware update. Controllers installed or modernized after July 1, 2009 may already be partially compliant and may require installation of additional hardware or software – this will need to be confirmed by the elevator contractor.

Elevators installed or modernized after January 2, 2015 can be made fully compliant but may need hardware or software installed. This also should be confirmed by the elevator contractor. If the controller cannot be adapted with the hardware or software upgrades, a modernization may be required. All modifications and/or software changes to the controller will require filing with the New York City Department of Buildings, and inspection and testing upon completion.

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