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Do it Right: Sit Tight

D&D Elevator on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 12:00:00 am 

What (and Not) to Do when Stuck in an Elevator

What to do when stuck in elevatorWhen an elevator suddenly lurches to a stop between floors, the typical gut response among passengers is to panic and think about what actions to take to most quickly get out. For many reasons, primary among them being safety, the best thing to do is the exact opposite: Stay calm. Know that the car will not free-fall. Don’t jump up and down or attempt to pry open the doors. Don’t try to escape through the hatch. Instead, use the emergency phone and wait for help. Publicly-available accounts and data show that escape attempts can result in severe injury, sometimes fatal.

During a recent year, New York City’s Department of Buildings reported that 51 people were injured and five died when trapped riders tried to save themselves. Municipal governments are undertaking campaigns to educate the riding public to the proper procedures during entrapment, such as New York City’s “Stay Safe - Stay Put” public awareness campaign – using broadcast ads, print ads, bus shelter messages and a public service video – to encourage riders to remain in stalled cars and wait for help.

As a service to building owners and managers, and other D&D Elevator Maintenance customers, D&D has prepared a comprehensive Safety Guide for Entrapped Passengers, which may be viewed online here and printed as a hard copy for provision to superintendents, co-op/condo boards, etc., for their review and appropriate distribution to tenants.

Download Elevator Safety Guide - 50 kb pdf