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Elevator Mechanic Licensing Mandated by New York State

D&D Elevator on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 12:00:00 am 

its the lawNew York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has approved a bill requiring licensing of the state's elevator mechanics, but, in a deal worked out with the legislature, has delayed its taking effect until January 2022. The "Elevator Safety Act" requires the state Labor Department to license mechanics and others involved in elevator maintenance, other conveyance work, and to participate in more extensive education and training. The bill, which creates a thirteen-member Board of New York State Elevator Safety and Standards, is structured in two parts; part “A” requires the licensing of persons engaged in the design, construction, operation, inspection, maintenance, alteration and repair of elevators and other automated people-moving devices covering cities with a population of less than one million, while part B relates to the licensing of approved elevator agency directors, inspectors, and technicians performing elevator work in the City of New York.

The state’s Department of Labor and the city’s Department of Buildings, respectively, will be responsible for issuing statewide and city-based licenses. The bill was originally written to take effect in June of 2020 but, per recent negotiations, moves up the date for NYC officials to comply with mechanic licensing from three years to two and allows the City's Department of Buildings to enact stricter licensing requirements in the future. Originally introduced in 2011 but failing for years to pass, it finally gained traction following an August 2019 incident in which a man was crushed to death by an elevator in a Manhattan apartment building and sparked mounting pressure to improve safety standards.

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Says Bob Schaeffer, D&D Elevator’s president and CEO: “For quite some time now – beginning many years before this bill was even envisioned – D&D has been in compliance with the standards that the law is now defining. Our mechanics have been and are trained using the CET™ (Certified Elevator Technician) program, which is ANSI and ISO accredited, and adheres to federal and state apprenticeship requirements. At D&D, education/training has been and continues to be a top priority.”

An elevator industry veteran, Schaeffer has throughout his career been a strong advocate for education. Among his many accreditations, he served as board president of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) and, as Education Chairman, was instrumental in creating the CET certification. This nationally-recognized program provides the elevator industry with the means of obtaining and verifying knowledge and experience requirements related to compliance with industry codes, elevator and escalator specific technical theory, components, and competencies. Most recently, Schaeffer has established a 2,500-sq-ft Elevator Learning Center in Yonkers, NY, minutes north of New York City, with classes taught by highly-experienced and certified instructors.

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