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Preventing Elevators from Shutting Down When Summer Temperatures Go Up

D&D Elevator on Monday, April 20, 2020 at 12:00:00 am 

Maintaining your Elevator Systems for the hot weather ahead

Heat in the cityWith the warm weather and rainy season soon upon us, there are a number of important items requiring attention, to ensure that your systems are properly prepared for the Summer heat and storms.

Priority-one is maintaining the ambient temperature in the machine room. Current code regulations require proper ventilation of machinery spaces and temperature control within a range as specified by equipment manufacturers. Most control system manufacturers require a range of between 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit and machine room air temperatures significantly outside this range can lead to equipment failure. In hydraulic systems, oil is a temperature-sensitive component and overly hot oil can affect operation.

Steps to prevent costly downtime and unhappy tenants if a shutdown occurs

  • Frequently check the emergency call device and lights for proper operation
  • Make sure that your motor room air conditioning and exhaust fans are in proper working order and that thermostat controls are properly maintaining ambient temperature
  • Make sure that ventilation ducts, wall and motor room door vents are working normally and that there are no obstructions limiting the flow of air
  • Make sure your elevator interior exhaust fan is working and that it is running during hotter Summer days
  • Check for water leakages in the machine room, including joints of window frames, to avoid damage to critical components

air conditioner 60 degreesBrownouts & Blackouts

During heat waves, there is vastly increased demand for electricity, which can cause momentary power loss, a reduction in voltage and longer-term power outages. In such event, best practice is to remove the elevator from service and immediately notify your elevator company.

  • First and foremost during a power outage, make sure that persons using the elevators in your building are not trapped or in need of assistance  
  • Momentary loss of power can cause the elevator to stop, the doors to malfunction, or the system to attempt to reset by skipping floors and moving to the terminal landings
  • A reduction or fluctuation in voltage can cause intermittent failures of components, which will momentarily stop the elevator or doors from operating. Such “ghost calls” can be problematic since, by the time technicians arrive on site, the voltage may have returned to proper levels and they cannot see the problem in progress. It is important to report these intermittent failures to the technicians to avoid any inconvenience to the riding public.
  • Brownouts are a normal recurring issue during the hot summer season. If you are experiencing a brown out, you must check the elevator equipment to ensure it is working properly. Brownouts can cause major damage to motors and motor control equipment. “Single Phasing” of 3 phase electrical equipment will cause motors to burn out and contactors to weld closed.

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