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Covid & Elevators: Questions, Answers, Solutions

D&D Elevator on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 12:00:00 am 

Elevators & Covid 19

Touchless Elevator ButtonsQuestions abound everywhere these days around the safety of riding elevators during the Covid pandemic. Specifically owners and managers of residential and commercial buildings are asking what they can do to help promote safety for occupants (and their visitors) and, as caring landlords, keep them as happy tenants. Common questions include:

  • What new developments are available right now to help make elevators safer during pandemics such as Covid 19 currently underway?
  • What can property managers do right now to help promote passenger safety in their buildings? 

New Technologies Currently Available from D&D

 In progress are various technological developments designed to help make elevator cabs a safer environment – several of which D&D can already provide for new construction and modernization projects

  • Voice-Activated Elevator Control Buttons
  • Touchless Buttons
  • Cab Air Purifier
  • Cab Air Purifier with Sterilization System
  • Dual UVC Germicidal & Dual HEPA Air Filtration Unit
  • Car Sterilization & Purification Fan

Details for Covid Safety Products

What Property Managers Can Do Right Now

  • Create queuing lines in lobbies, marking paths on the floor to direct people in and out
  • In commercial buildings, schedule staggered employee arrival and departure times to avoid crowded elevator cabs
  • Post signage in the lobby suggesting behaviors for passenger safety, assuming, in all cases, the wearing of masks:
    • Self-limit the number of passengers per ride and load the elevator in a checkerboard pattern, face forward
    • Have each passenger announce their desired floor, with the person nearest the button panel selecting for everyone, using their knuckles
    • Avoid conversation in the cab during the ride

D&D Stands Ready to Help!

Right now, D&D is able to offer several of the above new technologies for your building! Call (914) 347-4344 to learn how D&D can help put you at the cutting age of elevator safety.