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COVID-19 Elevator Safety Tips

D&D Elevator on Monday, January 4, 2021 at 12:00:00 am 

Covid Guide for Building ManagersFor property owners and managers, life today brings the major challenge of maneuvering through a pandemic, the uncertainties of the current rapidly-evolving real estate landscape, and the intricate maze of tenant relations. Across the commercial real estate landscape, tenants are actively considering their future strategies: whether to stay put where and as they are, downsize by converting to a full or hybrid remote work model, or relocate entirely to another building. In this environment, one of the surest ways to retain and attract tenants is to operate a building that is known for adhering to the highest standards of safety and caring for its occupants and visitors.The Covid 19 Risks

A prime component of this is the safety of the elevators, both for passengers, and for the technicians who service the systems. To support our customers, D&D has prepared a comprehensive Safety Guide for Building Managers, addressing the following key topics:

  • The Covid-19 Risks
  • Building Managers’ Responsibilities
  • What to Expect from Passengers
  • Safety Products Available
  • How D&D Supports You

The Guide outlines various practical steps that property managers can take to create the safest possible environment for all those moving around the facility. It also addresses various commonly-asked questions, including whether elevators are hot spots for Covid-19 transmission and the relative dangers of various surfaces.

Learn More and View/Print Guide - 800 kb pdf

Details re: Covid Safety Products Available from D&D

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