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Elevator Door Maintenance: An Open & Shut Case

D&D Elevator on Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 12:00:00 am 

For property owners and managers providing elevator service to their tenants, it’s an open-and-shut fact that 80-90% of potential problems are attributable to the doors. The reasons for this are several and readily apparent. Aside from unpredictable and hopefully rare vandalism, passengers routinely bash into the doors with all manner of objects, hold the doors open and jam things into the mechanism to prevent them from closing. But above all it’s that the doors operate two times as often as the elevator itself, since with each run, they open and close twice. The door equipment tends to reach end-of-life in half the amount of time as the rest of the elevator and becomes increasingly troublesome along the way, exposing occupants to the heightened possibility of major inconvenience and the building owner to tenant complaints and undue costs. Therefore – to help keep the tenants happy and callbacks and costs to a minimum – of all components in an elevator system, the doors require a particular focus of attention and care.

Preventive Maintenance is the Keyelevator doors

Typical components of a door system are as follows, with items 1 through 6 statistically most likely to fail:

  1. Door operators
  2. Hanger rollers
  3. Door tracks
  4. Door checks
  5. Door pivots
  6. Door locks & clutches
  7. Hatch door panels
  8. Car door panels
  9. Sills
  10. Struts
  11. Door bucks
  12. Door “eyes” (safety edges)
  • Before they fail, periodically replacing/upgrading various door components – particularly the “top six” – can go a long way toward preventing shutdowns and callbacks
  • Periodically upgrading door equipment is necessary to ensure proper operation. For example, misaligned doors, which can cause breakdowns, and, in a worst-case scenario, entrapment, require immediate service.
  • Keeping the door tracks free of obstructions, particularly during the winter months (gravel, ice, holiday tree needles, etc.), can be helpful in extending the life of the door system
  • If the doors start opening and closing erratically and making noise, it’s likely time for a new operator system
  • If the elevator has been in service in the neighborhood of 10-15 years without any meaningful door system upgrades, it’s time to consider a complete door system modernization to head off a sudden intermittent shutdown and its accompanying downsides 

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