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Phased Elevator Modernization

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ModernizationFor you as a property owner or manager, there exist many reasons why modernizing your elevators is desirable or a necessity. “Desirable” upgrades include enhancing performance, making your elevators more energy efficient, and creating “peace of mind” by heading off potential shutdowns and unexpected expenses. Also included is aesthetically and functionally modernizing your elevators to delight and retain your current tenants and attract new ones. But upgrading becomes “urgent” when it involves correcting matters of tenant dissatisfaction, system dependability, code compliance, violation removal, and, far above all, safety.

Of course, we at D&D are aware that money is always a consideration and modernizations are not always planned for, or “in the budget.” Therefore, we have created a plan for you to upgrade your elevators and enjoy the benefits without a major one-time budget hit.

Upgrading, One Step at A Time

In most cases, with an eye on practical capital planning, D&D can help you implement an upgrade program over a period of time, spaced over 3-5 years. How the stages are strategized depends on the priority of your needs and budgetary considerations. This can help you achieve the ongoing benefits of an upgrade, including resulting cost savings and efficiencies, while comfortably managing your financial resources and business considerations.

These are some suggested early-stage upgrades:

  • To meet the current moment, consider upgrades that address Covid-19 safety and make your property known for its concern regarding the health and well-being of its tenants, visitors and service technicians. D&D offers a number of Covid safety solutions, viewable here
  • If your elevators do not exhibit any obvious mechanical or safety issues, but do suffer from outdated cab interiors, this may be among the first upgrades to consider. Your cabs can be redesigned / remodeled without needing major work on any other components of your systems.
  • The majority of shutdowns result from problems surrounding the doors, since they wear much more quickly compared with the rest of the elevator. Proactively upgrading your elevators’ door systems is a meaningful step toward preventing future problems, including possible passenger entrapment. If your doors are already causing shutdowns, the system should be upgraded immediately.
  • If yours is an older building with an obsolete, single speed AC traction system that relies on mechanical brakes to stop the car, you should consider an upgrade as soon as possible, especially if your elevator is having difficulty leveling. This is a code violation and a dangerous tripping hazard that will steadily grow worse and should be eliminated. The best solution is an upgrade to a modern VVVF (Variable Voltage-Variable Frequency) control system that employs electrical stops to always land the elevator at floor level within tolerances of 1/4 inch. 

If your elevators are constantly breaking down and causing repeated call-backs, or they have aged more than 12-15 years without a significant upgrade, it’s time to consider at least some immediate action to avoid major problems, and strategize a phased modernization plan over the next several years. 

Motors Room Before and After

D&D Can Help!

Call us for a free evaluation of your elevator systems and developing an upgrade plan customized to your specific needs and financial considerations. Regardless of the path you choose, or the size of your upgrade, your job will require permits and inspections, with which D&D will assist you. We stand ready to serve you at (914) 347-4344