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Elevator Maintenance and Repair

Overall, elevators are a safe and reliable mode of transportation for your tenants and their visitors. But, as with all mechanical systems, major problems can develop. Possibilities include expensive emergency repairs, excessive downtimes, unhappy tenants, code violations, fines and legal liability. Such problems can be avoided with some understanding, thought and strategic planning, and it is literally good business to do so.

Why Regular Maintenance

  • Best practice is to keep your elevator up-time as high as possible by arranging for regularly-scheduled service to keep you on top of things. Continuously monitoring performance of your system can minimize the frequency of costly emergency service calls and limit reputation-damaging inconvenience to tenants. Above all, it is the best way to spot and correct issues before they lead to potentially dangerous and disruptive shutdowns.
  • In the event of a sudden breakdown, your regular maintenance partner will be familiar with the particulars of your system and the parts and service needed to quickly and most cost-efficiently restore your elevator to service.
  • Even well-maintained systems will age and eventually require a modernization. Your maintenance partner can help you do this in the least impactful and most cost-effective way, including the structuring of a phased modernization over a period of 3 to 5 years.

Top Tips Repair in Elevator Shaft

Here are some common things to watch for and actions to take:

  • Periodically ride your elevators. If between regular service calls you see, hear or feel obvious signs that something is going wrong, your maintenance partner can be immediately called in to head problems off at the pass. If you see your elevator stopping above or below the floor level, this is a dangerous tripping hazard that needs to be eliminated. Further, in New York City it is a violation of DOB code that requires elevators to stop accurately and consistently
  • Year-round, check your car-side and hall-side door tracks and keep them free of debris that can compromise door operation. This becomes especially necessary during the winter season, when ice, mud and holiday tree needles can clog the tracks
  • In advance of a service call, check the phone lines, making sure they are operable with a 24/7 monitoring station

And two “common sense” reminders:Elevator Machinist

  • Avoid violations and fines by keeping your machine room clean, where it is required that only elevator equipment be stored
  • Address needed repair work as soon as possible. Waiting until it develops into a disruptive emergency can become needlessly costly in dollars and tenant dissatisfaction.

D&D Will Help

The dollar costs of a regular elevator maintenance program are typically significantly lower than those associated with financing a poorly-maintained, deteriorating system that becomes increasing likely to fail.

If D&D is already your elevator maintenance partner, we can review your current plan to make sure it is up-to-date and best meeting your current needs. Consider having D&D come in for a free, no-obligation evaluation and quotation.

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