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Avoiding Common Elevator Mistakes

D&D Elevator on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 12:00:00 am 

woman elevatorIn multi-story buildings, the elevators are a critical factor in determining the smooth operation, safety, utility and business viability of the property. Owners, both experienced and new to the game, often make costly elevator mistakes that can be prevented with understanding and strategic planning. So, as we enter the new year, let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes that property owners make, and how to avoid them.

Top Elevator Mistakes

Trying to Do It Yourself “On the Cheap”

Building owners, and particularly new investors, often attempt to manage their property maintenance themselves or seek repairs only on an as-needed basis, from contractors offering bargain-basement rates. Such contractors are unfamiliar with your equipment and history, which can lead to substandard and incomplete work, compromised safety and future elevator problems. Most critically, it can turn out to be the most expensive way to go. 

Not Scheduling Regular MaintenanceMan waiting for elevator

Having your elevators serviced only if and when a problem suddenly occurs brings many disadvantages. Best practice is to keep your elevator up-time as high as possible by arranging for regularly-scheduled service. This helps you stay on top of things, by continuously monitoring performance, minimizing the frequency of emergency service calls, limiting inconvenience to tenants, and correcting issues before they lead to potentially dangerous situations and costly shutdowns. 

Waiting Too Long

For you as an owner, maintenance is a primary responsibility to your tenants, and you are required to ensure your property’s safety and health standards. If a renter reports an elevator problem, or any other problem involving comfort and safety, best is to respond to it quickly and professionally. Even before it is reported by tenants, if your elevators begin to act up, and you see, hear or feel obvious signs that something is going wrong, address this as expeditiously as possible. Waiting until it develops into a disruptive emergency can become needlessly costly in dollars and tenant dissatisfaction.

repair elevatorUsing Proprietary Equipment & Parts

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), particularly those offering controllers and MRL (Machine-Room Less) systems, market their products as the best choice for elevator modernizations and new installations. But, going this route can be a meaningful mistake: in most cases, a more cost- and time-effective approach is to instead acquire equipment from non-proprietary or open-source suppliers, a concept known by some as “vendor neutrality.” Open source equipment and parts, because they are non-proprietary, tend to be significantly less expensive and much more quickly available in the event of emergency or other sudden need.

Avoiding Code Compliance and Ignoring Violations

Falling out of code compliance and avoiding settlement of elevator-related violations is a major mistake with potentially severe consequences, including the ongoing presence of dangerous conditions, possible legal liabilities, costly penalties and disruptive shut-downs by municipal authorities or equipment failure. It is vital to periodically check whether there are any “violation skeletons in the closet” – old violations that may have been forgotten or ignored – certain to resurface and become larger problems going forward if not resolved. 

The D&D Advantage

In the current hectic environment, and even during more ordinary times, the day-to-day complexities and distractions of operating a building can lead to elevator mistakes that could easily have been side-stepped with some strategic consideration. It is literally good business to pause and look at these and other errors to avoid, in the interest of safety, of saving money, time and reputation, and keeping tenants happy. Making the most of a maintenance partnership with D&D is a highly-productive way to accomplish this. Most importantly, in the event of a sudden breakdown, as your maintenance partner, D&D will know the particulars of your system and the parts and service needed to quickly get the elevator back into service.

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