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D & D Going into the Fall and Winter of 2016 with new projects.

Judy Uliano on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 12:00:00 am 

Fall Projects Booked at D & D Elevator


A duplex modernization has been booked for an affordable housing community in the Westchester Area. The Traction cars will be 9 stops, 2500 pounds each, 200 FPM .


A prominent up and coming Senior assisted living facility, in Rockland County, has many amenities to assist their tenants.  They have elected to conduct a total modernization on their elevators.  The modernization will be on two holed hydraulic units that will be 2500 pounds, 125 FPM, with 4 stops.


A national hotel chain, located in Westchester, has chosen D & D Elevator to assist in the construction of their new hotel.  We will install two (2) Hydraulic Units, at 3500 pounds, 150 FPM with 4 stops.


An upscale Soho location that supports the high end fashion district has awarded D & D Elevator the job of installing a new elevator.  The new unit will be a 3 stop, twin post telescopic, hydraulic unit.


A traditional Westchester medical & business location is updating their building for the future has awarded D & D Elevator the project of modernizing the two elevators. The new modernized elevators will be geared traction machines that will be 2500 pounds running at 150 FPM and has 5 stops.


A classical Bronx Residential location awarded us the modernization of the elevator units, to not only be brought up to code, have a smoother ride but also they will be aesthetically pleasing for their tenants.  The new traction units will be 2500 pounds, with an increased speed of 150 FPM23, with 7 openings.


An already luxurious office building, located in the Garment District of New York, chose D & D Elevator to upgrade their elevators.  The process would include making the two units into a duplex system for the geared traction units.  These units will be 3000 pounds, 300 FPM, with 11 stops.


This unusual 19th century, cast iron building that now has retail and residential business, chose D & D to modernize both their passenger and freight elevators.  The passenger elevator with overhead traction (3,000 pounds), was a 7 stop but is being converted to a 6 stop with front and rear openings and the freight elevator is an existing basement drum machine (2,500 pounds) that is being converted to an overhead gearless elevator with 7 stops along with front and side openings.


An expanding Yonkers Residential location awarded D & D Elevator the seven (7) car modernization for the tenants of these buildings.  The three (3) duplex units and 1 simplex unit will be upgraded using the latest technology.  This will enable the tenants to have smoother, ADA compliant and upgraded cabs for their use.