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Michael Coyle

Sales Representative

Michael Coyle

Michael joins D & D as a sales representative to support us in our expanding sales growth. He has an extensive background in the elevator industry, both as a sales person and as an elevator owner.

At his previous job, he was VP of Operations which he was in charge in many aspects of the business. He was involved in maintenance, surveys, violations, scheduling and working with a variety of the employees.

Prior to that, Michael’s family (his Dad & brother) owned and operated Colonial Elevator, located in Long Island City. In 2008, his Dad retired from the business; at that time he and his brother took over running the business. The company serviced approximately 250 units in the five boroughs of NY and specialized in maintenance, repair, violations and testing with approximately 12 employees. During this time, he spent approximately 5 years in the field working in repair and maintenance.

Interestingly, like many in our industry, Michael is a third generation elevator person. His grandmother was an office manager for MAINCO and then his father started in the business there. Michael attended Rockland Community College for Electrical Engineering.