Elevator Maintenance Rockland County New York

The Fall of 2015 has been busy with additional New Construction and Modernization Jobs awarded to D & D Elevator Maintenance

Monday, November 30, 2015

Housing Preservation Development is Expanding

As the HPD Housing Preservation continues to grow and provide housing, D & D Elevator was recently awarded a contract for the installation and maintenance of three passenger MRL units.  Two are seven (7) stops, 2500 pounds, 200 FPM and one is a two (2) stop 2100 pounds 150 FPM.  These three units will now safely service the many families that live at this location.

Outstanding Job Performance Warrants D & D a second contract

Through hard work and a quality installation of 4 new, 10,000 pound cars, D & D Elevator was just awarded a second contract from a large, local real estate owner.  This new job includes the installation and maintenance of 5 new elevators, 4 of which are 4 MRL’s and 1 Hydraulic Elevator.  The MRLS will be 7 stops, 2500 pounds at 340 FPM.  The Hydraulic will be 2 stops, 100 FPM.

Our customer explained to us that our quality of service, communication and installation warranted us the second contract.

Relocation of Business

A large organization that is relocating to the West Village area of NY, has awarded the Modernization and Maintenance contract to D & D Elevator.  This high end tech company will be joining other high end firms at this historic building, built in 1911, which was originally an apartment complex.  They were attracted to the location because of all the conveniences it has for their employees and it’s close proximity to the Hudson River. This package consists of 2 Overhead Traction freight cars which are 9 stops, 3500 pounds, 200 FPM, 2 Overhead Traction passenger cars that are 9 stops, 2500 pounds, 200 FPM and one private car that goes to the roof of the building.

Residential Elevator Upgrade

A Brooklyn residential building, built in 1927, just awarded D & D Elevator the modernization and maintenance of the elevator.  It is 1500 pounds with 7 stops at 100 FPM.  This unit will have a complete modernization with a new machine, a controller with a regenerative drive, fixtures and wiring.  As a result of the modernization, it will ensure that the tenants of the building will be riding in an up-to-date, code compliant safe mode of transportation.