Elevator Maintenance New York City

D & D will be going into 2016 with multiple new construction & modernization jobs

Monday, December 28, 2015

On a Greenwich Village residential condominium location, D & D Elevator was asked to step in to this job after it was awarded to a different contractor that was unable to support the job. We will install and maintain two (2) new Gearless passenger elevators. One elevator will have 12 stops and the other 13, both will be 3000 pounds, running at 350 FPM. 

A Rockland County retail location awarded D & D Elevator the contract for the installation and maintenance for one new dual jack holeless hydraulic passenger elevator. This elevator will have two stops, have a 3000 pound capacity and run at 100 FPM.

Two residential locations in Hamilton Heights, awarded D & D Elevator two modernizations. These units will be new geared machines, with new controllers, fixtures, Door Operators and new cab interiors to complete the look. They will be 1500 pounds, 150 FPM, with seven (7) stops.

This Manhattanville Residential location was originally built in 1907, the elevator had been modernized in 1990. This equipment is now obsolete and the manufacturer is no longer in business, it was time to modernize once again. This single speed AC elevator with a basement drum traction equipment, will be modernized to be a new geared, 1500 pound, 100 FPM with new cab interiors to make it additional aesthetically pleasing for their tenants.

This residential Yonkers building was built over 40 years ago and the elevators have old, obsolete equipment that was in need of upgrading and D & D was awarded the contract to take care of this duplex. We will be installing new geared overhead machines, controllers, door operators, hoistway equipment with a 200 pound capacity, running at 200 FPM with 11 stops. This upgrade will greatly assist the tenants of this beautiful building.

This building is located in the Flatiron Shopping District, that specializes in high end stores. The elevator is being renovated and D & D was awarded the modernization of this 75 year old unit. It is now a manual elevator with an old, obsolete drum machine which will be converted to a new basement traction unit that will have 7 stops & 8 openings, with a capacity of 3500 pounds and will run at 100 FPM.   It will be built with a new controller, door operator and much more to bring this elevator to today’s safety standards. A new cab interior will be installed that will fit the high end shopping area.

New construction of three (3) units, at two Brooklyn locations will be started in 2016. These passenger elevators will consist of two (2) new passenger gearless MRL’s that will be 7 stops, 2500 pound capacity, 200 FPM, and one (1) new passenger gearless MRL with 2 stops, at 2100 pound capacity, running at 150 FPM. These new units will add to this residential area and will be greatly appreciated by the tenants.