Elevator Renovation New York City

D & D Sales Department Guarantees Successful Start to 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

During the fall and winter months of 2014, our sales staff was very busy signing 17 new projects for 2015.

Below are just some of the new and exciting projects for 2015. 

New Commercial Space on the Upper East Side

D & D Elevator has been selected to provide a new 3 stop hydraulic passenger elevator in an existing structure to allow for access from an existing parking garage to a new commercial/retail space.  The elevator will be a 3,000 pound capacity and serve 3 landings.

New Storage Facility for Harlem

Our Company has been selected to provide and install two (2) new traction elevators for a storage facility in Harlem.  The new equipment will consist of a new freight elevator for the moving of storable goods and a passenger elevator to allow customer's access to the rented storage units.  The freight elevator will handle up to 18,000 pounds of cargo and the passenger car will service 5 stops and be ADA complaint.

Mulberry Street Property Gets Conversion

A recent purchase of an existing Mulberry Street property is being modernized to condominiums.  We have been contracted to remove the existing elevator and modernize it to a new passenger elevator with the latest code compliant equipment and a new decorative cab enclosure.  The property will keep the two (2) floors of commercial space existing, which will include a full service restaurant.

Harlem Renovation Gets New Elevator

An existing Harlem residential building is being completely renovated and we have been selected to install a new eight (8) story elevator.  The equipment is designed as a 3,000 pound capacity passenger elevator with a speed of 200 feet per minute.  The developer is sparing no expense in the design and amenities to be provided for this new residential project.  The cab enclosure will include custom lighting and decorative cab finishes.

East Side Bank Building Gets Face-lift

An existing bank building is being re-tooled as a retail space that includes the modernization of an existing elevator.  The elevator has the original design from when the building was first constructed in the 1950's.  The elevator will be modernized to include a new machine, controller, a new energy efficient motor and new cab enclosure.  The elevator will service five (5) floors and will be 2500 pound capacity.

Lower West Side Commercial Building Gets Freight Car Modernization

Originally built in 1907, this limestone building was built to house the Engineering Societies Professionals as originally funded by a gift from Andrew Carnegie.  We have been selected to perform a complete renovation of an existing 19 story traction freight elevator.  This equipment was upgraded in the 1990's and now requires a complete renovation to include a new controller and door equipment.  The elevator is a corner post design and services both front and rear entrances.

Bronx Multi-Family Elevator Upgrade

A 1947 multi-story residential building is getting a complete upgrade to both elevators.  The existing equipment is of original design with a controller upgrade in the early 1970's.  We have been selected to provide a more code compliant and safety conscience mode of operation.  New equipment will include a new self-leveling elevator with re-leveling capabilities and new code complaint safety devices designed to ensure proper operation.

Yonkers Residential Building Gets New Mezzanine Level and New Elevators

A Broadway residential building is getting a complete renovation that will include a new mezzanine level with the existing building structure.  Our design team has worked with the architect and developer to create an additional stop at the mezzanine level.  We are performing a complete modernization of all the equipment and adding two (2) new entrances for the mezzanine level.

West Side Building Gets Complete Makeover

This New York low-rise, in the heart of West Village, is being renovated to service some new major tenants.  The building was built in 1911 and is getting a complete modernization of its existing passenger and freight elevators.  A new freight elevator, to service exclusive floors, is also being installed as part of the project.