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Reviving the Past. Providing the Future.

elevator modernization by D and D Elevator MaintenanceOur comprehensive modernization process includes:

  • Creative project scheduling to minimize down time
  • Proven quality manufactured equipment
  • Custom interiors and finishes
  • Professional installation adhering to strict code and safety requirements
  • Permit filing and acceptance testing
  • In-house engineering services to provide a proper/seamless product

The performance and appearance of a modernized elevator can significantly add to the value and “rentability” of your property, while enhancing the comfort, confidence of the building’s owners and helping to retain existing tenants. Upgrading the look of your elevator with an aesthetically pleasing new cab interior makes it much more welcoming for passengers. Unto itself, it’s a pretty good (and likely profitable) reason to consider Modernization.

But, there are other compelling reasons for modernization of your elevators. Primary among them, is when the age of your equipment begins to cause problems: the slowing-down of car calls, non-compliance with ADA, replacement parts becoming obsolete and/or the safety of the passengers becoming a concern.   

Additionally, an upgrade may be mandated if your elevator equipment no longer meets current code requirements. Updated standards and new technology allow us to provide code compliant, energy efficient and safe modes of operation. All of our modernizations meet city and state code compliance.

But, no matter what the reason, our “mod experts” will work with you to make whatever upgrades you want or need, using non-proprietary equipment.