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Robert “Bobby” Schaeffer

Chief Executive Officer

Robert “Bobby” Schaeffer

Prior to his “elevation” as CEO, Bobby served since 1995 as a principal owner and President of D&D Elevator, overseeing virtually all aspects of the company.

Following a brief 1981 stint as an elevator apprentice for Flynn Hill Elevator Co., in 1982 Bobby moved on to become a Maintenance and Repair Mechanic at D&D.  For the next 7 years, he maintained and repaired elevator equipment, performed extensive troubleshooting, identified elevator system problems, provided support and training to other field technicians, and trained helpers in proper safety and work procedures.  
In 1989, Bobby became the Vice President/Operations for D & D.  During this time, he implemented, directed and coordinated all operating functions of the company, working to systemize material ordering, scheduling, dispatching, workmanship, completion of jobs and work within all field departments.  He introduced many new functions to the company – including fiscal policy and strategic planning -- and, to ensure safe work habits, implemented many new policies and procedures. All the while, he encouraged open communications to foster a harmonious work environment among all personnel and departments.

Since becoming president in 1995, Bobby has represented the Company as Chief Executive Officer and closely interfaced with all phases of the company, providing strong, effective leadership and direction.  In this position he has developed and implemented the company’s strategic plan for success and growth, established policy to assure compliance with government agencies, requirements, laws and regulations. On a daily basis, to ensure continuing excellence, he communicates with the heads of all the company’s department plus mechanics, consultants, building owners and managers, architects and others.

Bobby is QEI certified and has many accreditations, awards and much industry recognition to his name.  He has served on the Board of Directors of NAEC, of which he was elected president, and was given both the Presidents Club and William C. Sturgeon Distinguished Service Awards.  As Education Chairman, he was essential to the development of the Certified Education Training Program.

“I like being ‘out there’ spreading the D&D message,” says Bobby.  “I want to make sure that our service attitudes are understood and that our reputation and image are continuously upheld across the many communities in which we work!”