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New! Products for Covid Safety

Pandemic Safety Products for Cabs

Outlined below are examples of products that D&D can supply on an immediate basis – for new construction and modernization projects – to help support passenger safety in elevator cabs. Watch this space to learn about new products and applications as they become available:

Voice Activated Control Buttons

by Tsaro Solutions

Enables completely hands-free operation from inside and outside the elevator.

Elevator Voice Activation Elevator Voice Activation Elevator Voice Activation

Watch a video demonstration of this product:

Touchless Buttons

These can be integrated into existing elevator systems by replacement of common buttons, with easy wiring, and then follow commands from the controller. Ideal for high-volume public locations.

Touchless Elevator Buttons

Cab Air Purifier

by Unitec

Uses bipolar ionization technology to significantly reduce airborne bacteria and viruses in the elevator. 

Cab Air Purifier

Cab Air Purifier and Sterilization System

by CEC Elevator Cab Corp.

Sterilyft utilizes the HVAC technology of forced air and a semi-closed loop system, with the filtration technology of double MERV 13 filters and the germicidal effect of UVC radiation to help move air and contaminants away from the public, filter the air to maximum quality, and disinfect to the best possible extent with the UVC source.

Air Purifier Serilization

Dual UVC Germicidal & Dual HEPA Air Filtration Unit

by Man-D-Tec

MVS-UVHC dual HEPA unit is proven to remove 99.9% of airborne virus and bacteria particles. 

Dual UVC Germicidal and Dual Hepa Filtration Unit

Car Sterilization & Purification Fan

by PSI (Parts Specialists Inc.)

A positive pressure system using UV light and ionizer in the fan, which continuously circulates air in the car and helps sterilize it.

PSI fan PSI fan