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Elevator Etiquette 2021 Style

D&D Elevator on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 7:00:00 am 

Covid-social-distancing-lineAs the pandemic appeared to be receding from its peak, we all began envisioning life as returning to “normal.” But now, with Covd-19 reemerging as a potential deterrent to public life as it was before, new questions are heard about the safety of riding elevators in view of the highly-contagious Delta variant. As a property owner or manager – to be seen as caring about the health and safety of your tenant community and their visitors – a good move would be to openly communicate with your building’s occupants, suggesting best behavioral practices for the well-being of all riding your elevators.

The Current RealityElevator-cab-do-covide

With the imminent onset of Fall, many businesses made plans to have their staff return to the office on a full- or part-time basis, thereby significantly increasing elevator traffic over the past year’s levels. Coinciding with this, however, is the current spread of the Delta variant of Covid, being described as much more easily transmissible than the original. This presents the need for renewed caution as people increasingly gather, especially in confined spaces such as elevators. While, even during the pandemic’s peak, elevators were not cited as one of the major sources for spread, the highly-contagious nature of Delta may place the current situation in a different light. Here, therefore, are some common-sense suggestions to make to the tenants of your building(s);

  • Regardless of vaccination status, wear appropriate face coverings
  • Self-limit the number of passengers per ride
  • Load the elevator in a checkerboard pattern, face-forward
  • Have each passenger announce their desired floor, with the person nearest the button panel selecting for everyone
  • Avoid conversation in the cab
  • Continue to keep distance when queuing for the elevator

What You Can DoElevator-cab-dont-covid

As a service to building owners and managers, D&D has prepared a “Suggested Elevator Guidelines” document covering the above and other points.

  • Post copies of the Suggested Guidelines in your elevator cabs
  • Make copies available in the lobby, on landings, and at other communal gathering spots on your property
  • Provide copies to superintendents, co-op/condo boards, etc., for their review and appropriate distribution to tenants
  • If your property maintains an email and/or text database of tenants, distribute the document digitally to these lists

The Suggested Elevator Guidelines may be viewed online here and printed as a hard copy:

Suggested Elevator Guidelines

Also, consider upgrades using technologies that support passenger safety while enhancing your property’s reputation and market value. New technologies are rapidly emerging, alongside already-available approaches such as air purification, touchless buttons, voice-controlled operation and more. D&D currently offers several such solutions to its customers, which you can see by going HERE:

Covid Safety Products

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As we navigate the future together, D&D remains committed as ever to supporting the health and success of your property.

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