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At D&D, we believe in – and strongly recommend – continuous, scheduled maintenance of your elevators, to protect your equipment, and, most importantly, to prevent costly future breakdowns. It’s all about peace of mind: with D&D’s code-complaint maintenance service programs, you are assured that your elevators are always well-maintained and operating at the highest level of SAFETY. This is a major priority for us while servicing your elevators. Our contracts are priced according to type of equipment, age, condition and frequency of use.

Providing you with quality service requires us to accurately communicate and respond with the properly, professionally-trained and equipped technicians for your particular need. Following an initial survey and a free pre-maintenance review of your equipment, D&D assists you with the choice of an appropriate service plan to fit your needs and budget. A service plan will increase the reliability of your elevators, prevent violations and costly emergency repairs, and protect people and equipment.


Agreement Types

1. Examination & Lubrication

Provides scheduled maintenance during the company’s normal business hours, including examination and lubrication of many major components, with adjustments as necessary. This excludes any overtime service, but, upon customer request for an overtime service call, we will respond accordingly

2. Engineered Elevator Service Plan – EESP (ASME/ANSI A17.1 – 2000 Code Complaint 8/4)

Covers scheduled maintenance service in accordance with our “Engineered Elevator Service Plan” and ASME/ANSI A17.1-2000 section 8.6.1. and 8.6.4. All work, with the exception of overtime-emergency call back service, is performed during the company’s normal working hours, on normal working days.  D&D will respond to emergency service calls during regular working hours.  With this program, we supply a convenient, spiral-bound “Code Compliant Maintenance Log” for each elevator in the machine room, to record a brief description of each unit task, a history of part repairs, replacements and service calls. This excludes any overtime service but, upon customer request for an overtime service call, we will respond accordingly.

3. Engineered Elevator Service Plan – EESP (ASME/ANSI A17.1 – 2000 Code Complaint 24/7)

Same as our 8/4 contract above, but with additional coverage for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parts coverage, inspection and testing are determined during the customization process, based on the age and design of the equipment that will be covered.