D and D Elevator Violation Removal


Warm weather means additional jobs for D & D Elevator

Judy Uliano on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 7:00:00 am 

Warm weather means additional jobs are blooming for D & D!


A Westchester luxury, gated condo/cooperative, located in the Village hamlet of Tuckahoe,  has awarded D & D the modernization of their elevator equipment.  This high end location was built in 1974 and with the elevator equipment 40+ years old it was time for an upgrade.  The four (4) units will be totally “moded” with new controllers, brakes, fixtures, etc.  These are hydro units with 5 stops, 5 openings, 1500 pounds, 100 FPM.

This regal residential complex, located in Westchester County, made a decision to modernize the 50 + year old elevator equipment and has given D & D the job.  We will be upgrading the original two (2) overhead traction units with new controllers, machines, cabs, bronze fixtures, and many added ADA necessities.  They are 7 stops, 7 openings, 2000 pound units.

This fashionable, private balcony residential building located near Van Cortlandt Park neighborhood was in need of upgrading their original 30+ year old overhead traction elevator.  With this modernization of the elevator it will continue to attract the fashionable residents that are looking to relocate.  This complete modernization of the controller, machine, fixtures, etc. will include a new cab interior and fixtures.  This traction elevator is 7 stops, 7 openings, 2000 pounds, 100 FPM.

D & D was awarded this construction job for a new public facility in Rockland.  The architect, who designed the new building, spec’d out a new a holeless hydraulic elevator which fit the buildings needs and will consist of 4 stops, 4 openings, 2000 pounds and run at 100 FPM. 

A combination business/private residential building with plenty of sun and balconies needed a modernization on their 35+ year old elevator equipment.  The building is not only modernizing the controller, machine, motor, and fixtures, etc. and we will install a new cab interior for their private residents.  This is an overhead traction elevator is 2000 pounds, 100 FPM, 7 stops, with 7 openings.

An old retail space, located in the New York county area, was in desperate need of modernizing their 50+year old copper relay freight elevator and awarded it to  D & D Elevator.  We will be putting in a new controller, machine, fixtures, doors/entrances and will renovate the cab interior, all of this will attract new retail business to this location.  The overhead traction elevator will continue to have 5 stops, 5 openings, 2500 pounds and run at 150 FPM.

Two large private, luxurious, residential complexes need to modernize their six elevators and awarded D & D Elevator the job.  These two buildings are located in the Bronx area and were originally installed in 1999.  D & D will be replacing the overhead traction elevators with new controllers, machines, fixtures and revamping the cab interiors for a more update look.  These units are 22 stops, 2500 pounds each, and run at 300 FPM.