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The 2017 Year End Gives D & D Additional Modernization & New Construction Jobs

Judy Uliano on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 2:00:00 pm 

The 2017 Year End Gives D & D Additional Modernization and New Construction Jobs


A magnificent art deco, early 20th century residential building has awarded D & D the modernization of their elevator.  The building, located in the Bronx area,  the elevator had been modernized approximately 30+ years ago but, was in need of upgrading and bringing it up to the ADA standards of today.  Not only will there be a new controller, machine and door operator; there will also be a new car interior and flooring to make the package aesthetically pleasing.  The overhead traction elevator will be 1500 pound, 100 FPM with 7 stops & 7 openings.


A luxury apartment complex with breathtaking views and extended amenities, located in the Westchester area, has given D & D the job of modernizing the four elevators that are on their property.  In order to continue to attract the upscale clientele they now have, the building which was built in 1965, needed to update the elevator units. To make the elevators run in a more efficient and smooth manner, they required new controllers, machines, governors, door operators, etc. Along with the mechanical aspect of the job they will be receiving new cab interiors for each of the units.  Two of the overhead geared traction units are 2000 pounds, 100 FPM with 7 stops and 7 openings and the two remaining units are also 2000 pounds, 100 FPM but with 9 stops with 9 openings.


This Co-op, located new parks, colleges and transportation, chose D & D Elevator to modernize their elevator that had all the original equipment from the installation in 1966.  This elevator will now have a new controller, fixtures, car operating panel, etc. but it will become ADA compliant, which will give the tenants peace of mind.  The overhead traction unit will have 8 stops, 8 openings, 2000 pounds at 150 FPM.


This residential doorman building, located in the Kingsbridge area of the Bronx, chose D & D Elevator to modernize the unit in their building.  The structure was built in 1974 and the 43-year-old equipment needed to be upgraded to today’s codes and standards.  Along with this the tenants in the building will receive an elevator that runs smoother, smarter and with the cab interior will give it a more stylish look.  The overhead traction unit is 2000 pounds, 125 FPM with 7 stops and 7 openings.


An early 20th century residential/commercial structure, located in the trendy section of SOHO needed their elevators upgraded to reflect the status of the area that they are in and gave D & D Elevator the task.  The passenger elevator had been partially modernized in the mid 1980’s but,  in order to reflect the location that they are in, the unit now needed to be totally modernized with a new controller, machine, governor, fixtures and cab interior.  This overhead geared traction elevator is 2000 pounds, 200 FPM, 7 stops, &  8 openings The “manual” service elevator had never been modernized and maintained the original equipment.  We will be bringing the elevator into the 21st century by adding a new machine, controller, governor, fixtures and cab interior. This is also an overhead traction that is 3000 pounds, 150 FPM, 7 stops and 8 openings (6 rear openings).


A pre-war commercial/residential building, located in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn needed to completely modernize their elevator and they chose D &  D Elevator for assistance.  In the mid-eighties, the controller had been upgraded but nothing else.  D & D will be doing a complete modernization by installing all the equipment that meets today’s codes,  this includes but is not limited to a new controller, new machine, new governor, new fixtures and cab interior.  The overhead traction elevator had 7 stops and 7 openings, 2000 pounds and 100 FPM.