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Be “Slick” and Maintain Your Oil!

D&D Elevator on Monday, October 19, 2020 at 12:00:00 am 

Among owners/managers of buildings with hydraulic elevators, paying attention to your oil is typically not a priority.

D&D Oil Analysis ReportBut it should be.

Clean oil is vital to the “health” of hydraulic elevator systems. Like everything else, oil has an optimal lifetime of service, after which it begins to break down or go “bad.” It has been proven that bad oil can lead to a number of disruptive and costly consequences, including:

  • Inconsistent valve operation which leads to misleveling
  • Possible legal liabilities 
  • Sudden unexpected repairs of pumps, valves, jacks, etc.
  • Major inconvenience to tenants and visitors
Typical submersible motor

Typical submersible motor

In short, neglecting the oil and tank – the “lifeblood” of a hydraulic system – can directly lead to a number of major problems.

The Solution for Oil & Tank Maintenance

To help our customers avoid future problems and needless expense, D&D has acquired a supply of oil analysis kits:

  • A D&D technician will collect an oil sample which is then sent to a lab for analysis
  • Based on this data, D&D can detect a potential problem and advise what corrective measures should be taken, heading off inconvenience and unnecessary repairs

Typical submersible motor and pump system

Typical submersible motor
and pump system

Wear and friction are among the leading causes of hydraulic elevator failure. Debris and small metal particles are gradually released into the oil and interfere with the control valve and pump. The objective of this oil analysis service is to monitor the health of the oil and thereby proactively extend the life of the pump, valves and tank, while supporting long-haul system dependability.

D&D Stands Ready to Help!

D&D is systematically performing oil analysis on all our existing hydraulic elevator units.

Call (914) 347-4344 to learn how D&D can help keep your building at the cutting age of elevator safety, dependability and cost-efficiency.