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D & D Goes into the Cold Weather With the Following Jobs

Judy Uliano on Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 12:00:00 am 

D & D Goes into the cold weather with the following jobs:

An already established building in Westchester, must now install an elevator and D & D was chosen for the job.  Keeping with tradition to support this facility, we will be installing a Dual Piston Holeless Hydro elevator that will be 2 stops, 2500 pounds and 100 FPM.


A building, that is now under construction, in New York City, needs the installation of two (2) new elevators. These two new impressive buildings will be used as both new retail space and residential units.   D & D was awarded the job and we will be install A/C gearless passenger cars, each will be 21 stops, 2500 pounds and 500 FPM.


A classic 35-year-old Art Deco building, in the Hamilton Heights Section of New York, is undergoing a complete transformation of the building.  The upgrade of the elevator, is being conducted so that the tenants will have a safe, code compliant unit.  The modernized elevator will not only include a new controller, motor, fixtures but a new swing door and will travel to 7 stops, 1800 pounds at 100 FPM.


Harlem is continuing to expand with new structures.  A new building is now being erected for a residential facility and D & D was award the job to install two elevators.  One will be the installation of an overhead passenger elevator, 8 stops, 3500 pounds, 200 FPM and one twin Holeless Hydro passenger elevator that will be 2 stops, 2500 pounds, 100 FPM.


An additional, upscale, luxury residential building is being constructed in Washington Heights  This new development will support 36 new elegant apartments, some with beautiful balconies and D & D was given the job to install the required elevator The unit will be an overhead traction, 8 stops, 3500 pounds, 200 FPM to support the tenants that will be living there.


A West Chelsea location is now under a revitalization which includes a newly constructed building.  This new space will include a bookstore, library and office space.  D & D will be providing the two elevators for the establishment.   One will be a gearless traction, 2500 pounds, 300 FPM, 6 Stops, with multiple rear openings and 1 new geared traction freight, 6 stops, 15,000 pounds at 150 FPM.


 This elegant, prewar building in the city, already has a beautiful stone façade and European style columns but is now upgrading their elevator.  The modernization of the elevator will not only be beautiful for those that are now living there but, will attract possible tenants that are interesting design of the structure.  D & D Elevator was chosen to assist in this project and we will be upgrading the now 1500 pounds, 7 stops, 100 FPM unit to be added to the list of new amenities.


A 1940’s location in the city, is a unique retail and residential building that was looking to upgrade the entire facility chose D & D Elevator to modernize the elevator at this location.  The elevator will have all the safety and code requirements that is needed in today’s world.  It will not only have a new overhead geared machine, controller but all new fixtures and  will be 1800 pounds, 5 stops, 100 FPM.


An original structure, built in 1900, is now entering the Upscale Harlem arena.  This retail location that is upgrading the entire facility location and keeping with the trend awarded D & D Elevator the modernization of the elevator.  A full modernization will be conducted that will include, but not limited to, a new basement geared traction machine, controller motors and a new cab which will be 5 stops, 1800 pounds, 100 FPM.


This prewar building, built in 1941 in the Tremont area of NY, was looking for an elevator company to bring their elevator up to code, make all the safety changes necessary and make the fixtures as attractive as possible.  D & D was given the responsibility of doing this modernization.  The upgrade for the 7 Stop, 1800 pounds, 100 FPM elevator will include but is not limited to a new controller, new machine and fixtures.


This 1930’s multi-family Jackson Heights location, is upgrading their facility and modernizing the elevator to make it more aesthetically pleasing and adding all of today’s safety features for their tenants and D & D was awarded the job.  The upgrade will include a new geared machine with 7 stops, 7 openings, 1800 pounds, 100 FPM.