D and D Elevator Westchester NY

D & D starts the summer with additional new construction and modernization bookings.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 1:00 pm

D & D starts the summer with additional new construction and modernization bookings.


There’s a revival happening on Broadway in Brooklyn. A renovated warehouse is being converted into rental commercial space.  With this renovation, a decision was made to update the old geared freight, with the original Otis Controller and Machine and awarded the upgrade D & D Elevator.  The complete modernization will include new controller, governor, machine, fixtures, etc.  This geared unit will be 2,500 pounds, 150 FPM, 5 Stops.


This prewar classic residential building with an elegant elevator lobby, in the Hamilton Heights section of New York, has chosen D & D Elevator to upgrade the elevator.   The entire building was recently upgraded and the original basement traction was in desperate need of being modernized.  The upgraded elevator will have a new controller, machine, fixtures, cab interior will also be aesthetically pleasing with all the new safety features.  This basement traction upgrade will be 1800 pounds, 100 FPM, 7 stops.


A repeat client of D &D’s is creating a new, exclusive residential complex located in the East Village section of NY has again awarded us the job of installing five (5) new elevators. This luxury elegant location will have five new elevators – 4 of which will be MRL’s with nine (9) stops, 2500 pounds, 350 FPM.  In addition, one will be a hydraulic elevator, 2500 pounds, 100 FPM, with 2 stops.


In Hell’s Kitchen an ornate commercial building, which was built prior to the 1940’s has recently renovated the entire building and now they want the elevators to be upgraded.  The upgrade will include not only the controller, machine, governor but new cab interiors to reflect the restoration that is going on in the entire building.  Each of two (2) duplex cars will be 1800 pounds, 150 FPM, with 9 stops.


This Bronx traditional residential structure built in 1927, for families and located near local schools, is in need of an elevator upgrade and chose D & D Elevator to design and run the project.  On this basement traction elevator, the machine was original and the controller had been upgraded 20+ years ago, so it was time for a total modernization.  The modernized elevator will have a new machine, controller, fixtures, cab interior and will be ADA Compliant.  The car is 1800 pounds, 100 FPM, with 7 stops and 7 openings.