D and D Elevator New Contruction

24, 25, 40 West 25th Street - 10 Car Modernization

24, 25, 40 West 25th Street, New York City

These three combined locations involved a 10-car modernization that was awarded to D & D Elevator. The building was originally built in 1911 and, although there may have been a modernization done in the late 50’s/early 60’s, they were due to be modernized once again. Upon entering the buildings, it was a difficult process to access the machine rooms. These had limited stairway width and an immediate turn in the stairs, which made it a challenge to remove all the old equipment and install the new.

At 24 & 25 West, there was two Passengers and one Freight car with 12 stops, 2000 pounds, 250 FPM that were originally basement drum machines and were converted to basement traction machines along with new controllers and cab interiors.

At 40 West, there were 2 Passengers & 2 Freight cars. The passenger cars had 12 stops, 2250 pounds and the freight cars were 3000 pounds, 150 FPM, with additional front and side openings.

We installed not only new controllers, machines and fixtures but also new interiors for all the units.

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